Trips & Rates

Backcountry Fishing.​

Imagine your day spent experiencing the most beautiful estuaries and aquatic preserves that Southwest Florida has to offer! When backcountry fishing, we specialize in catching Redfish, Snook, and Trout. However, some common bonus catches are Jack carvels, Mangrove snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, Flounder, small sharks and pompano. When targeting these species, will be fishing the Shorelines and Grass flats of Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande, Pine Island, & Englewood. Backcountry trips are a great and fun way to spend the day for all ages and experience levels. Backcountry rates are based on 3 anglers with an additional $50 charge for the 4th angler (MAX OF 4 ANGLER)
4-hour (1/2 DAY) Backcountry Fishing Trip


6-hour (3/4 DAY) Backcountry Fishing Trip


8-hour (FULL DAY) Backcountry Fishing Trip


Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing. (April-September)

Boca Grande is world famous, and profoundly known as the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the world! In the warmer months, typically beginning in mid-April, Tarpon ranging from 80-200lbs begin to Migrate south by the hundreds of thousands to seek food and warm water, prior to their spawn. This migration leads them right here to Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor estuary. Boca Grande Pass is the deepest natural pass in the state with an extremely rich food source, making it prime habitat, giving Boca Grande the Tarpon Capital Title. When Targeting Tarpon, we will be fishing in Boca Grande Pass, Charlotte Harbor, and along the pristine beaches using live baits like Crab, Threadfin hearing, Pinfish as well as top of the line equipment. Anglers may also bring their own FLY tackle if desired but must be able to fit fly rod inside our rod locker.

Tarpon trip rates are based on 3 anglers (April-July) with an additional $100 charge for a 4th angler. (MAX OF 4 ANGLERS) Tarpon trip rates outside these months may vary. Tarpon trips that 8 hours or longer gives time for a 1-hour lunch break at one of the nearby top-rated restaurants on the water!

6-hour (1/2 DAY) Tarpon Fishing


8-hour (3/4 DAY) Tarpon Fishing


10-hour (Full Day) Tarpon Fishing


Shark Fishing

Put yourself to the ultimate test and fight the beast on the top of the food chain! Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande is home to a several species of shark commonly including Blacktip sharks, Bull sharks, Hammerheads, and Nurse Sharks. Primary for sharks we drift fish with tasty dead and live baits, providing for a relaxing style of fishing in-between battles. Rates are based on 3 guests with an additional $50 charge for a 4th angler.
4 Hour Shark Fishing


6 Hour Shark Fishing


8 Hour Shark Fishing


Nearshore Fishing

Southwest Florida is known for immense nearshore reefs scattered along the coast consisting of concrete piles and sunken vessels as well as ledges and rock piles. These prime fishing grounds are within a short 9 miles off the coast, within sight of land. These fishing grounds provide prime habitat to the Gulf of Mexico’s favorites including Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Red Grouper and even the more sizable fish like Kingfish, Barracuda, Cobia and Sharks. Nearshore Rates are based on 3 anglers with an additional $50 charge for a 4th angler.
4 Hour Nearshore Fishing


6 Hour Nearshore Fishing


8 Hour Nearshore Fishing


cruises & sandbar Excursions

Southern Tail Charters also offers Sunset cruises and excursions to provide a fun relaxing day with family or friends at the sandbar or a nice evening cruise to one of the many top rated restaurants on the water. Cruises and Excursions commonly include a nice smooth ride down the beautiful South West Florida Beaches and throughout the beautiful estuaries of Charlotte harbor & Gasparilla sound. Excursions also include taking a trip to one of the many top-rated restaurants (some only assessable by boat) and exploring some of the state parks, sandbars, an islands. Excursions are $125 an hour with a minimum of 3 hours.